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New research results revealed the composition of asteroids.

Research of astronomers from the University of Florida showed that the inner asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter, is composed of remnants of dead planets.

Of the 200 thousand asteroids 85% accurate are the fragments of planets that were destroyed in the early stages of formation of the Solar system, when there was no hint of the formation of life. It happened 4 billion years ago.

In the “dead” era of the planet was very hot with no solid surface, often faced each other, with the result that was coming apart, and persistent – continued formation.

This knowledge will help scientists in the future to protect the Earth from potentially dangerous asteroids that threaten its devastating fall to the planet’s surface.

“If ever one of these asteroids approach the Earth, knowing their composition, we can implement a successful plan to repel space attacks,” commented astronomer from the University of Florida and the study’s lead author, Stanley Dermott.

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