Hormone therapy may increase the risk of serious health problems in transgender women.

That's according to a new study from Emory University and Kaiser Permanente. It showed transwomen who underwent several years of estrogen therapy were significantly more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than other females.

Transwomen also had a higher risk of developing dangerous blood clots.

Faster transplants for Hep-C patients

Transplanting kidneys infected with Hepatitis-C could significantly shorten wait times for patients who already have the disease.

A computer model found using a Hep-C infected kidney, followed by antiviral treatment was faster than treating the infection before a transplant. In fact, researchers predict the average patient would spend about a year and a half less time waiting for a kidney.

The Big Apple may be bad for your health

A study looking at the health of New Yorkers shows some troubling trends.

Scientists with NYU say obesity, depression, and diabetes are on the rise in the big apple. Weight gain has been most prevalent among immigrants the uninsured and those with less education.

And more than a half a million new yorkers have symptoms of depression which is closely tied to substance abuse, a lack of exercise, and poor diet.

There is some good news to report blood levels of lead and mercury have decreased in recent years in the city.

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