If you waited in line to meet LeBron James at Blaze Pizza in Culver City on Tuesday afternoon, you may have gone home very disappointed when James never actually showed up to the pizza party he teased himself earlier in the week. But, hey, at least you probably didn't go home hungry?

Presumably, a lot of people in Los Angeles are now big fans of LeBron James, thanks to LeBron joining the Lakers in free agency this summer. Presumably, a lot of people in Los Angeles were already big fans of pizza, thanks to pizza being delicious as heck.

With that in mind, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that hordes of people showed up to Blaze Pizza locations around Los Angeles on Tuesday. For starters, each of the L.A. locations promised to give out free pizza during a three-hour afternoon window, and the only thing better than pizza is free pizza. 

On top of that, LeBron broke his lengthy Twitter hiatus on Monday to tease a possible appearance at the Culver City location during that giveaway. 

As a result, people flooded to Blaze locations around L.A. in hopes of coming across some free pizza and/or a face-to-face meeting with the Lakers' new star. The lines were quite aggressive.

If you find yourself wondering why LeBron broke his Twitter hiatus to promote what is essentially a fast food pizza joint, then make his first public appearance since signing with the Lakers at that fast food pizza joint...well, the answer is quite simple: LeBron is one of the brand's original investors. 

However, despite the tease on Monday, LeBron never actually showed up to the pizza party in Culver City. As you can imagine, the people who gathered to wait in line grew rather restless as the afternoon dragged on and the party window closed.

Then, the bad news came.

Well, that's certainly a bold strategy by LeBron. On the one hand, he did a great job of promoting Blaze Pizza and getting people to hit up the pizza joints throughout L.A. Not to mention he didn't explicitly make a promise that he was going to show up. 

On the other hand, a large number of people likely left the Culver City gathering with a sour taste in their mouth, regardless of how tasty that pizza was. And you have to anticipate some backlash when you tease an appearance and then don't show up, even if there was no promise given.

Honestly, we can't yet rule out that LeBron signed with the Lakers just to torture all the fans who claimed Kobe was better than him for so many years. 

If he wasn't intentionally trolling, LeBron just has to hope that free pizza heals all wounds. 

All I know is Michael Jordan would never make his fans wait in long lines just to get their hands on his products. Never. Those are the facts.

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