Walmart has decided that it likes convenience stores and will be opening more of them in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Plano gets the next one. A 2,900 square-foot convenience store with eight fuel pumps will open at 6000 Coit Road in Plano on Wednesday. 

Three more convenience stores are planned for Arlington, Lake Worth and Lewisville later this year, said Anne Hatfield, Walmart spokeswoman in Texas. 

Last year, Walmart opened a convenience store south of Fort Worth, in Crowley with all the traditional trappings, an ICEE machine, rolling hotdogs and a walk-in refrigerator packed with beer. One other opened in Rogers Ark. near Walmart's headquarters in Bentonville. While another one is planned for Avon, Ohio, the convenience stores are still in test mode, she said. 

The stores are in Supercenter parking lots that didn't already have gasoline pumps. No free-standing locations are planned for now, Hatfield said. Each store has eight fuel pumps and will be open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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