Kevin Durant, for all his basketball skills, is not the best at ignoring his critics on the internet. We all know about the burner account saga and the various back-and-forth wars he's waged on Twitter, but now it appears he's back on his nonsense -- this time on Instagram.

The 29-year-old Durant, who is fresh off his second NBA title and his second straight Finals MVP, is enjoying his summer by scrolling through his Instagram feed and commenting on meme accounts that tag him in posts. This week, the account @bucketscenter posted a photo collage of Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis with the caption "3 elite two way players but don't elevate a team quite like LeBron and Steph due to their playmaking/leadership deficiencies."

Durant commented on the post, responding "Bruh go sweep ya dorm room, u don't know hoops. Stop tagging me in this trash." 

Credit to Durant for commenting with his own account this time around, but he wasn't done there. His wrath also extended into the DMs of the meme account, which is apparently run by a very polite and reasonable 17-year-old. 

Durant has every right to comment on and take exception to a post that is critical of him and his game -- especially when he's tagged in it  -- so he hasn't necessarily done anything wrong. But, at the same time, he's a professional athlete and dealing with critics is a part of the gig, and it's not exactly the best optics for an athlete to be sparring and throwing jabs at a teenager on the internet. 

Durant already gets criticisms about lacking mental toughness, so I'm sure this isn't going to help much. It's crazy that nobody has told this guy to just get off social media and ignore the noise, but I guess when you're winning titles and championship MVP awards, don't fix what isn't broken. 

Maybe I'm the crazy one, but I just feel like a championship summer should be more fun than beefing with a high schooler in the DMs.

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