Nathan Fillion as Nathan DrakeAllan Ungar

One of the most requested fan castings in movie adaptation history has to be the eternal push to see Firefly/Castle actor Nathan Fillion playing Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie.

While that dream has never materialized to this point, that has now changed.

Kind of.

In a way.

Alright, it’s a pretty weird situation.

An Uncharted movie has been in development hell for eons now, eating through directors and stars (Mark Wahlberg was attached as Drake years ago), but recently the film has pivoted to the adventures of a younger Drake, played by Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland. But in the last few days, Nathan Fillion has been teasing something Uncharted-related on his social media, with fans hoping that meant he was taking the role at last.

Instead, the final result is what you can watch below, a 15 minute Uncharted fan film directed by Allan Ungar (who hasn’t directed anything I’ve seen) that stars Fillion as Drake at last. The short has Drake getting captured (I recognize the big bad from Banshee), freeing himself and getting saved by Sully (played by Avatar/Into the Badlands’ Stephen Lang) and meeting up with Elena (I can’t place that actress, and there are no credits after the film plays to tell me who she is).

While I will say the plot of the short (some vague mumbo jumbo about a treasure related to Magellan) or the action isn’t anything to write home about, clearly the thing that works the most is the dream of seeing Fillion as Drake realized at last. He looks as at home in the role as you might expect, and he really is the perfect choice for the part. In recent years, when this topic is brought up it’s said that at 47, Fillion is too old to play Nathan Drake, but I just don’t buy that, especially after watching this.

That said, all of this is a little bizarre. I’m not sure precisely what the goal was with the short film, a way to “scratch an itch” as Fillion put it on Twitter, or something that’s actually trying to land him the part. Fillion is well set-up from his time at Castle and has a new pilot, The Rookie, coming this year, so it’s not like he’s desperate for work. In the video game realm, he’s been playing Cayde-6 in Destiny for years now, though that character is about to be killed off in that game’s next expansion, where his death sparks the central storyline.

I don’t know, cast Fillion and give this thing a $100 million budget, and I think an Uncharted movie has a chance. It can’t really be any worse than the movie continuing to languish in limbo, but I have a feeling this will just end up being a fun fan project and nothing more will come of it. I have no idea if Sony is going to be “cool” with this film, but for their sake, I hope they just leave it alone and don’t try anything stupid like trying to get it taken down for whatever reason.

Watch it above and see if Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake makes all your dreams come true.

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