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Footprints on the ocean floor has puzzled scientists

In the Pacific ocean discovered mysterious footprints on the history of origin which have to smash his head scientist. The unique discovery made by experts from the British National Oceanography centre, says the with reference to Phrase.

As reported Rambler, traces of unknown origin was discovered using a special deep-sea robot on the stretch of ocean between Mexico and Hawaii, at a depth of four kilometers.

It is reported that a strange “gap” on the ocean floor have dimensions of about two and a half meters in length and thirty inches in depth.

The scholars differed concerning the origin of the found tracks. One of the researchers ? Dr Lee Marsh declined to release that “marks” could be left by the whales, who sometimes dive to great depths.

Other experts believe that such “fingerprints” could not be left to the earth beings and do not rule out an extraterrestrial origin.

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