What does Sara Ali Khan have that her other contemporaries don’t? We are not talking about genetically blessed looks, royal legacy, access to high profile designers, star parents and a string of advantages that a star kid claims. She is undoubtedly gorgeous and her elegant demeanour speaks of her royal lineage but the most significant trait that puts her above the rest is her free-spirited self that we all got to see on talk shows, interviews and events. The humble star is finally here who is not categorised and claimed under a certain cinematic genre, a style signature and a predicted career graph. Sara is as real as it gets and she exudes newness, untamed charm and she seems like one of us.

An alumnus of Columbia University Sara Ali Khan reminds us of the unmatched confidence and fierceness that her mother Amrita Singh possessed when she entered the film industry. In terms of style, Sara is versatile and she is open to all kinds of fashion experiments. From sporting print on pattern to mini dresses, jumpsuits to retro metallics, traditional silhouettes to graphic prints, the starlet is not ready to be claimed by one particular signature. There is a sense of individuality and youthful exuberance to her persona and the sense of originality and grace she wears is the ultimate guide to stand out anywhere and everywhere.

She is the face of the modern millennial who is uninhibited by realities of life and she has no qualms about being who she is and the chip on the shoulder hasn’t appeared so far. Her signature seems to the perfect balance of classic and contemporary and she is not trying to be someone. She is being herself, sorted and open to challenges and unknown possibilities. We also saw a comeback of certain patterns on Sara like the dhoti pants, billowy sleeves, busy prints and easy hairdos. The make-up has been natural and non-pretentious and that smile goes a long way. Her style statement doesn’t seem to be guided by a particular school of thought and she is innovative unlike the new bunch of actresses who have lost to persuasive demands of image building and glamour Nazis. The comfort, the fearless responses, unguarded body language adds up to her contented presence on and off the screen.

There is a certain sense of exclusivity that Sara brings on the table and we would like to see more of her, listen to her evolving sense of films, relationships, style, sense of being and how to be humble and survive the magnitude and impulsiveness of celluloid.

First Published: Dec 31, 2018 16:32 IST

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