Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina and Anushka from the show

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The second instalment of the Legends special episode with Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma begins with a surreal performance by Sujan and Aanchal who perform a flexible version of Jag Suna Suna Laage and win everyone’s heart. Shah Rukh Khan has no words and Anushka too is stunned to see their flexibility and Remo gives them a Double Plus which is their first is their first for the season.

Aryan Patra and Sushant Khatri are two ex-contestants who come and perform on Zero start contestants’ favourite songs and Anushka and Katrina love it and Katrina even remembers the act he had performed in the earlier season and says that last time she had got emotional but this time she loved the funny trench it had brought. They both dance with Katrina and Anushka and we just can’t get over the generosity the two ladies brought on stage.

Fell Crew come in next with their unbelievable Lyrical dance on one of Shah Rukh Khan’s best movies- My Name Is Khan and there is an unusual silence all across the set and we too get moved by seeing and conceiving the message the act showed. Shah Rukh Khan has a serious expression on his face as though he had literally gone back to the time he was making the movie in his mind. Their act took us back to the time and we too recall all the nostalgia the movie had created.

Even after the act got over, there was silence for a few seconds and everyone among the audience stood in respect. Shah Rukh Khan says that he has never seen anything like this in his life and motivates them to bring their best in the future. Remo too looks impressed and gives them a 10 Plus. They then perform a small act showing how different Shah Rukh Khan and bring a smile on everyone’s face and we get to recall all of his famous dialogues and being die heart Shah Rukh Khan fans, we had a treat and his wittiest reply and reaction to this act made our day.

Sugandha calls in Gang 13 and they come in an all new avatar with a different prop which looks like men standing with colourful dupatta all over their body but it actually is two stands dressed with dupatta and spread the Gerua colours and magic o stage and we all get swooned and go back to Dilwale mood. Shah Rukh Khan thanks all of them for inspiring him to do better in life. Remo says that there was a lot of problems in the synchronisation and so he gives them 8 Plus. Raghav then calls the next team S Unity Crew and they make Shah Rukh Khan super emotional with their soothing performance on Tere Liye from Veer Zara and he stands up in applause after the act and says that he will make sure he asks his kids to watch the performance and learn from them as he has never seen people of their age so something so great. 

Katrina then turns Choreographer and teaches Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka steps on their latest Zero movie song. Remo turns assistant and they perform and set the zero magic on stage and we can help but adore all three of them. All the three Captains have a thumbs up for Katrina’s choreography and she blushes and we go awwww. Rishab Sharma gest a special surprise from his mother and father who come for the first time and he performs on an act based on mother and son relationship which makes Shah Rukh Khan emotional but Remo says that he did not connect to the concept that much and so marks him only on the basis of his dance and gets a 9 Plus.

The first Final Showdown begins and the first is between Chetan and Vartika and they give a neck to neck competition to each other and makes it difficult for Remo to decide. Yet, Vartika Jha makes it as the winner of this showdown and Remo says that Chetan too did an amazing performance and welcomes him back on the show. The next Final Showdown battle is between B Unique and Sujan- Aanchal. They make being flexible look so easy and we can’t help but watch the entire faceoff with open mouths. Sujan and Aanchal make it as the winners of the round and get extra 5 Plus.

What will happen next week? Which team will make it to the Finale? Which team will win the judges’ heart? Will your favourite team be everyone’s favourite? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates and gossips on the show.

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