While Nawazuddin Siddiqui's portrayal of Balasaheb Thackeray in the trailer won him rave reviews across social media platforms, the trailer also landed in trouble for its certain sensitive dialogues and moments. A day after the trailer launch, ' Rang De Basanti' actor Siddharth has lashed out at the makers for spreading hate in the name of entertainment.

Siddharth took to Twitter and in a series of tweets, pointed out that a certain dialogue, that is repeated in the trailer, is “clearly hate speech against South Indians”. He went on to say that in a propaganda film like this, the makers are selling hate with “romance and heroism” and have shown absolutely no solidarity with the many South Indians who have contributed to Mumbai in more ways than one.

“Nawazuddin has repeated 'Uthao lungi bajao pungi' (lift the lungi and *'#$ him) in the film #Thackeray. Clearly hate speech against South Indians... In a film glorifying the person who said it! Are you planning to make money out of this propaganda? Stop selling hate! Scary stuff!” he wrote.

In the following tweets, he shared that while a Muslim actor from UP playing the part of a revered Marathi leader is poetic justice, the fact that the makers have conveniently used such dialogues in the un-subtitled Marathi trailer is like selling hate. Siddharth also pointed out that the line was specifically reserved for the Marathi version of the trailer and not shown in the Hindi trailer.

“The conveniently un-subtitled #Marathi trailer of #Thackeray. So much hate sold with such romance and heroism (Music, tiger roars, applause, jingoism). No solidarity shown to millions of South Indians and immigrants who make #Mumbai great. #HappyElections!” read his tweet.

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