Pope Francis today expressed sorrow for the serious violence, with dead and wounded, that has plagued Nicaragua in recent days and that have been committed, he said, "by armed groups to suppress social protests."

After having blessed more than 15 thousand people gathered in St. Peter's Square, with whom he prayed the Marian prayer of the Angelus looking out of a window of the Apostolic Palace, the Pope joined the peace calls of the Nicaraguan bishops.

"I pray for the victims and their families. The Church is always for dialogue, but this requires a concrete commitment to respect freedom and, above all, life. I pray that all violence cease and the conditions for the recovery of the dialogue will be secured as soon as possible, "he said, speaking in Italian.

Just the day before, it was announced both in Rome and in Nicaragua, the text of a letter sent by Jorge Mario Bergoglio to President Daniel Ortega, in response to another letter sent by the president in which he said "his willingness to dialogue and seek the understanding among all. "

The supreme pontiff maintained that "humble and sincere dialogue" is a good way to promote peace and find just and solidary solutions to social problems.

In the true situation called the responsibility of the various sectors of society to reject "all darkness and violence," which contributes, he added, only to multiply division and suffering, so disclose among the poor and vulnerable.

"I accompany with my prayers the efforts of all social actors who are oriented to seek understanding and the common good. It is never too late for forgiveness and reconciliation, "he added.

"I pray that the paths of justice, dialogue and peace will be found, leading to a climate of harmony and respect for the life of each and every Nicaraguan, and that open questions can be resolved in a peaceful and responsible manner. "He said.




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