"Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand" celebrates 50 years on the air since it was first broadcast on the screen of Channel 9. This program was originally called "Having lunch with the stars" and was an initiative of Alejandro Romay, owner of the station .

Mirtha, at 91 years old, with an enviable vitality and lucidity, celebrates a decalustro because on a day like today, on June 3, 1968, she debuted with "Almorzando con las Estrellas". Alberto Migré, Duilio Marzio, Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, Beatriz Guido and her husband, Daniel Tinayre, were the first guests.

She confesses that she never thought it would last a week, and the time surprised her: "It seems a miracle that the program fulfills this time in the air, I arrived without realizing it, it is something out of the ordinary. I eat in front of the cameras, I thought that generation was impossible, very difficult, and it is, by the way. "At one point in that first program, the waiter served chicken, Daniel Tinayre, who generated one of the guests, said: "Bring the breast, she likes that part." There I relaxed, I thought I was a generation like being at home, "recalled one Mirtha in an interview with La Nación.

The lady moves in the region of the lunches as if she were in her own living room, but her beginnings were complicated, she said.

"I had a lot of criticism when I started, an actress who was a conductor, almost in a journalistic role, a logical generation that aroused misgivings, at the time, I was very censored, the criticisms I was about to leave were so strong."

Mirtha was worried about the repercussion of her first program, and before that tension the best thing was to have tea with her friends. La Chiqui, received the call of her husband and producer to communicate the score and the tranquility came to make this the beginning of the legend.

"I assumed he was calling to tell me that I had gone wrong," Debut said goodbye, "I thought, but no, he did it to tell me that we had done about 9 score points, it seemed very little, I had no belief in those matters. I generate a fantastic number, that's when a dream started. "

She concluded: "I am very excited for this anniversary, but I am so sorry that my husband, my son, my mother are not with me, it is life."

The program was broadcast on all channels, except for the old Teleonce and the proper Telefe.

Some of Mirtha's unforgettable phrases in the interview with La Nación:

- Nobody retires me.

-I'm a big lady, I'm not old.

- I have a fantastic, wonderful, enduring life. Reaching this age and working is unusual. I thank the Lord every day. I enjoy a lot of my life, my home, my work, my family, my friends, the economic position that my career gave me. But above all, I enjoy having Mirtha Legrand always with me.

- "I like being Mirtha Legrand, I was born for this, as a girl, I had a nanny named Bruna and I asked her to make the biggest bow to stand out for me."

-I prefer not to talk so much about Dani. I miss him a lot. And my husband too.

-The more years I have, the more flirtatious I am. Do not abandon yourself, you have to love yourself.

- I try to keep my best. My kinesiologist tells me that it is best to walk, but I can not walk down the street, so I go around inside my house several times. And I count the steps. Also, I do gymnastics with a one-kilogram weight on each ankle and lift my legs. What worries me the most is mobility. When one is many years old, the problem is mobility. And the brain. That's why you have to keep it alert.

-The future is life, but I am closer to death than life. I am very realistic in that sense, although I enjoy every day and every moment.

Mirtha signs the contract with Canal 9.

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