June 2 2018 - 20:21 The surgeon, who lost in Junín in the first leg by 1 to nil, will try to turn the series in La Ciudadela and stay with the second ticket to reach the Superliga

The Garden of the Republic will become a true hell surge. San Martin de Tucumán, one of the largest and most popular teams in the province, with the obligation to win to reverse the result of the first leg, and Sarmiento de Junín, who will try to defend the minimum advantage obtained from native, will define the second promotion to the Superliga to star in the decisive duel of the Reduced First National B.
The Citadel, the stage where the decisive duel will be played from the Sixteen.forty, will be full, more than 25 thousand people will give a colorful substance to an afternoon that will be historic.
The winner of this instance will accompany Aldosivi from Mar del Plata, who got the direct promotion after defeating Almagro in a tiebreaker game after sharing the first place in the regular phase of the category.
Sarmiento beat first in the first leg, won by 1 to nil last Sunday in Junín, thanks to a penalty converted by Nicolás Miracco, you will get the promotion if you win or draw in Tucumán.
Another is the reality of San Martin because it only serves the victory to keep intact their chances of promotion. If it manages to impose itself by the minimum difference it will force the definition to the shots from the point of the criminal.
To ascend directly, the Tucuman team will have to win by two or more goals in the ninety minutes regulation.
Both teams left their footprints in the highest category of Argentine soccer - Sarmiento was five seasons and San Martin did it three times - but neither of them could play in the Superliga, the new competitive structure that was launched last year.
On the side of San Martin, Rubén Forestello will repeat the eleven starters with whom he started the game in Junín, while his colleague and friend Iván Delfino will make a change as right-back Yamil Garnier served the suspension for five yellows and will reappear in Javier Capelli's place, injured.
While striker Lucas Passerini and left-back Gonzalo Bazán had physical discomfort in recent days, both will be in the set that will start the game.
The probability of seeing San Martín playing for the fourth time in the highest category since the restructuring of the tournaments organized by the AFA in 1986, aroused enormous enthusiasm in their fans, who sold out three hours after going on sale and promised Encourage the team with a spectacular party.
From Junín, on the other hand, it is expected that another 2,000 fans will arrive since that was the number of tickets given by the San Martín leaders to the visiting public in La Ciudadela.

The teams:

I. Arce F. Pellegrino
R. Serrano Garnier
L. Acevedo A. Kippes
I. Benegas L. Landa
M. Martinez R. Arias
A. Altuna I. Cacheiro
J. Galeano N. Estévez
W. Busse G. Farré
M. García G. Bazán
G. Rodríguez N. Miracco
C. Bieler L. Passerini
DT: R. Forestello DT: I. Delfino

Stadium: The Citadel
Referee: Facundo Tello
Time: Sixteen.forty - TV: TyC Sports

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