As soon as the program started, the national deputy for Cambiemos came out with the cork stoppers and accused a group of actors (including Pablo Echarri and Leo Sbaraglia) of coup plotting and insisted with their theory: " They want to overthrow the President ".

"It is obvious that some actors had huge money preferences in the government of Cristina (Kirchner)." It is enough to see the contracts in Culture, they are scandalous, they believe that the IMF puts the country in disaster and did not believe that Julio De Vido Was the homeland being stolen when the energy was stolen or YPF? "Carrió shot.

And he continued with his darts aimed specifically at the actors who filmed a video on May 22nd, calling for a march against Macri's agreement with the IMF: "That credit from the Fund is to prevent your coup."

According to Carrió, "you can not sink a government, you can disagree but not make it fall.

At that time Luciano Cáceres asks the word, present at the table, and respectfully asks the deputy: "The contracts that you saw in Culture have to do for tasks as an actor, producer, because I do not know?" .

"There are good actors and others who have charged for things that they have not done, they were pure corruption and they are investigating Justice," Carrió replied, and continued with his speech: "They are trying to overthrow the President. good move to get help to the IMF because it assures you the money not to empty the reserves, which is what always happens to a great disaster.The money we do not need it, but it served to calm down, "he closed.


Then, while the deputy deliberated with Mirtha Legrand on the brutal rate hike, Cáceres asks again for the floor, first they ignore it but finally they give it to him: "sorry, sorry", Carrió covers him and gives him the microphone.

Tajante, the protagonist of the play Dos dos dos clarified: "Raising an opinion like that of the comrades who made a video against the International Monetary Fund is not a coup attitude but is expressing disenchantment against a decision."

Mirtha did not like the comment and interrupted him "No, but the last manifestations were outside Macri". "But I say, I say", Cáceres affirmed and interrupted him again. In this case, Fernandez Sanchéz, Secretary of Institutional Strengthening. "To say that freedom of expression is not at risk and to be able to make movies is a contradiction," said the official, who stopped talking to the actor, and preferred to listen in silence.

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