Nine months after concluding her five years of love with Sergio "Kun" Agüero (30), the Princess Karina (32) is going through a new phase of her life, close to her affections and with new challenges in the workplace.

However, questions about his romance with the soccer player are always present in his journalistic notes. And she, with great kindness, answers them.

"What do you remember about Kun Agüero?", Catalina Dlugi asked the singer, at Agarrate Catalina, and Karina opened her heart as she rarely did. "There are people that you cross in life that will be important forever, until the last day of your life, and he is that, he is someone I will always remember well and with a lot of love because I loved him a lot," , lovingly evoking that relationship.

Then he said he would not mind seeing him as a boyfriend with another woman because he knows "let go of the ex". "Mine was a sincere and healthy love, if he is well (with another person) and happy, it's fine," he said, away from Kun, but with a free heart for a new love.

Karina The Little Princess In Agarrate Catalina 2-06-18

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