Carlos Moya commented on Rafael Nadal's improvements from Monte Carlo to the French Open. Nadal was down mentally. “It’s been the toughest period for sure since I’m there. Mentally, also physically because of the injury, he had in Indian Wells, but most of it was mentally very tough.

Of course, we were concerned. He gave himself the chance to keep competing every week. Every week he was playing better than the previous week and that was our goal, to get here in the best state of mind possible." “It was really hard.

He really had to push himself to the limit to get back on the court, to practice, to be motivated. He had an unbelievable attitude in those bad moments and that’s what got him here today. Hats off to what he’s done this month and a half because it’s easy to play well when all the things are working well, but what he’s been through these last couple of months is showing what kind of competitor he is and that mentally he’s a genius”.

On how motivating Federer's 20 Majors can be, Toni added: "It could be an extra motivation and I know Rafa will think about it because he knows the more time goes on, the tougher winning Grand Slams will be. I think he should play on clay more because it makes his body less tired."

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