We had earlier reported that Veena Malik, host of Pakistan reality show, ‘Pakistan Star’ is not on talking terms with Hamza Ali Abbasi due to a constant cold war between the duo.

Now sources reveal that the duo got secretly married earlier this year on 13th June 2019 at Hamza’s residence in the presence of very close friends. At around 4:30 am, i.e. during fajr time the nikah ceremony took place. It has been more than three months but the marriage has not been made official yet. It is strange that both the actors live just blocks away in a posh area and they could not keep their moves a secret from paparazzi

The unanimous source also revealed that Hamza slid into Veena’s DMs on her twitter account. Desperation was such that Hamza was after Veena’s number for almost 6 months. It was just the beginning as Hamza would find small reasons to invite Veena over his house. After repeated persuasions, Veena agreed and Hamza proposed her for marriage in the first meeting.

Now there is a real twist in the situation as Hamza Ali Abbasi is giving many declarations on social media about his public second marriage what more seems like he is trying to convince rather himself on many accounts and on the other hand we see complete silence on Veena Malik social media account.

As per the latest developments, it has come to the limelight that Hamza has been involved in a string of controversial relationships earlier. Reham Khan, the former wife of Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, has made shocking claims in her yet-to-be-released autobiography. She has claimed that Imran Khan is homosexual and had an affair with Hamza Ali Abbasi.

So only time would reveal the real truth.

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