Apple patches patch that unpatched a squashed jailbreak bug

Apple re-squashes an iOS 12 jailbreak bug

APPLE HAS MOVED to patch the patch that unpatched the previous patch patching patch-ness.

The Cupertino crew, likely feeling rather foolish that the iOS 12.4 update borked some bits in iOS 12.3 and allowed iPhones to be cracked open through a public jailbreak, whipped up a patch in its software cauldron and pushed out iOS 12.4.1 to fix the fix it previously unfixed

The whole thing stemmed from an intrepid security researcher type going by the name of Pwn20wnd, who discovered that a jailbreaking bug in iOS versions prior to iOS 12.3 got reintroduced with iOS 12.4.

While that version brought in a suite of tweaks to Apple's latest mobile operating system, it somehow trod roughshod over the jailbreaking prevention, which Pwn20wnd pointed out would then allow a keen hacker to jailbreak an iPhone using a free and known method, rather than some new zero-day style exploit.

Being what would seem like an accommodating fellow to people curious to crack open iOS and have a fiddle in its guts, Pwn20wnd released a public jailbreak, the first free an open one to pop up in years. Normally, hacker types keep such jailbreaking quiet so as to not flag security holes to Apple, and then charge people for the luxury of pulling bricks out of the walled garden that is iOS.

Rather than lose its brown stuff at Pwn20wnd, Apple acknowledged that the bug was flagged to it and, seemingly rather curtly, tipped its hat to the security researcher: "We would like to acknowledge @Pwn20wnd for their assistance."

Some might argue that jailbreaking iPhones and iPads is a bit old-hat given iOS now has a lot more capabilities than it once had, and the App Store is hardly short of high-quality apps. But then some people like doing things for the hell of it, and the vulnerability could have been exploited by hackers that are more criminal than curious.

Either way, if you want to avoid the jailbreaking bug in you iThingy, then best get downloading the latest update which Apple is rolling out right now. µ

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