The Colts held their annual kickoff luncheon on Wednesday, just four days after the team’s fans surely felt that they were kicked in the collective crotch with the surprise retirement of quarterback Andrew Luck. But the team continues to do its best to sell the idea that the glass is half full. Or maybe 25-percent full. Or maybe 10-percent full.

“Our eyes are forward,” coach Frank Reich said. “As much as we respect [Luck], our eyes are forward.”

That’s an important point, and it means that the teams needs to definitively turn the page on Luck and rally around new starter Jacoby Brissett.

Reich also explained that he spent more than an hour speaking with Brissett regarding the challenge the team faces, one year after the Colts went from 1-5 to the final eight.

“It was just so natural,” Reich said. “Like, there was nothing fake or phony about it. When you back good people in a corner, nobody got scared. Nobody was looking for the exit. . . . It’s about belief and conviction. . . . And that’s the kind of players we have. That’s what Jacoby and I were talking about yesterday; that’s what’s going to power us going forward.”

The Colts are indeed in good hands with Reich and Brissett and G.M. Chris Ballard. They will now be taken lightly by their opponents, especially early in the year. When, as of now, no one expects them to do anything.