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February 7, 2020 2:57 pm

Alex Ovechkin is one of the greatest goalscorers of all-time. During his 15 seasons in the NHL, Ovechkin owns almost all of the Capitals’ significant offensive records and is nearing the top of the NHL’s most important goal records.

With all of that history comes a lot of memorabilia and Ovechkin, who is a noted collector, is starting to draw the ire of his lovely wife Nastya.

When you're closing in on 700 goals there's a lot of history to be saved. Alex Ovechkin, a noted memorabilia collector, is running out of room. #Capitals #ALLCAPS @nbcwashington

— NBC4 Sports (@NBC4Sports) February 7, 2020

“To be honest with you right now, I have a lot. My wife tell me to stop. We don’t have any space in our gym,” Ovechkin said before turning morbid. “It’s great for my family, kids, grandkids when I’m gonna be dead. My kids gonna look at it and appreciate it.”

Ovechkin has two pseudo museums – one at his Northern Virginia home and another in his Moscow dacha. During an interview with ESPN, Ovechkin showed off his massive stick collection, which includes twigs from some of the biggest legends in the game.

Throughout Ovechkin’s home, there is memorabilia everywhere ranging from framed historic jerseys hanging on the wall to replica trophies, such as a miniature Stanley Cup, placed around the house.

Ovechkin added that he’s going to keep his gear from goal number 700 that could come as soon as Saturday against the Philadelphia Flyers. Ovi has 698 goals on the year after scoring three hat tricks in his last six games.

“Pucks, sticks. I think I’m going to do gloves as well,” Ovechkin said.

In terms of reaching 700, Ovechkin noted that he “hope it’s next game but if not, it’s okay. We’ll have another one.

“It’s gonna happen sometime,” he said, hoping it’ll be at home where the Capitals play their next two games. “[Caps] fans want to see it. The fans want to celebrate. It’s a pretty big moment.”

Alex Ovechkin, John Carlson, and Jakub Vrana address the media after today's practice. #ALLCAPS

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) February 6, 2020

Headline photo courtesy of the @Capitals

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