Bong Joon-ho turns out to be a fan of De Bruyne

The service would be good at least.

Anyone who hadn't heard of South Korean film director Bong Joon-ho before the weekend probably will have done now. He's the dude that had to apologise to Renee Zellweger for winning so many Oscars on Sunday night, for his film Parasite…

Who shared this touching moment with one of his four Oscars…

The fella who made this beautiful gesture about LGBT visibility…

There's, understandably, been a lot of interest in the director since Sunday. He's a fascinating character. For instance, he once lied about his father being a fisherman so he could keep a shot in one of his films.

And, in a Reddit AMA he did pre-Oscars, there are some more surprising tidbits to unearth. Among a lot of questions about his writing and editing process, advice for independent filmmakers etc, one user asked: "What would be your last supper and which five people would you invite (dead or alive)?"

Four of the dream guests Joon-ho cites probably aren't that surprising - legendary film directors Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese, South Korean former Olympic figure skater Yuna Kim, and Jimmy Page from Led Zepellin (his hero growing up). Perhaps less intuitively, Kevin de Bruyne also makes the cut.


We can only assume that Joon-ho is a Manchester City fan.

Or perhaps he'd like the opportunity to deconstruct De Bruyne's process as he explored the role of 'Kevin, from Home Alone.'

Joon-ho also adds that the guests would be eating lots of Spanish cuisine - paella. Hopefully that's compatible with Kevin's strict diet plan.

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Life as personal chef for Kevin de Bruyne, Kyle Walker and Ilkay Gundogan

Either way, it's the friendship we didn't know we needed.

But then we do live in a world where Liam Gallagher is doing music videos with Eric Cantona…

And where Eminem calls Elton John, 'Uncle Elton'.

So this probably isn't even the most unlikely friendship of the week.

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