Published on Mar 19, 2020

Doc Octopus Will Form The Sinister Six

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is short on heroes at the moment but that doesn’t mean we won’t get an influx of evil doers! There have been some pretty serious hints pointing towards a crossover event in Sony’s film about Michael Morbius, the living vampire. Michael Keaton has been cast in an unknown role and many fans believe he will reprise his role as Adrian Toomes, otherwise known as the villain Vulture. If he continues on in Spider-Man 3 there’s a chance he won’t be alone.

Many fans have been wanting to see Otto Octavius in the MCU for quite some time and since it seems like the world is against Peter Parker it might be the perfect time for him to show up. And if Doctor Octopus is in the MCU then it should be only a matter of time before we get the long-awaited Sinister Six. Since the Avengers roster is at an all time low this would be the perfect time for this insidious group to strike!

What do you think about the prospect of seeing this classic team of evil doers get together and wreak havoc on the MCU? Are you looking forward to seeing this classic comic book team on the big screen or do you think it would be too many bad guys all in one place? Let us know what you think in the comment section below! Don’t forget to click on the subscribe button to get access to all of the latest and greatest content from us here at CBR.


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