Published on Mar 13, 2020

The truths behind the attack on Mars are revealed. Chastity and Greg break down the plot and Star Trek Easter eggs from Episode 8.

In "Broken Pieces", we learn the backstory and origins of the Zhat Vash, the secret Romulan cabal, and what motivated them to try to stop the "destroyers". We learn Narissa's true connections to Oh and Rahmda.

Meanwhile, Soji's presence throws Rios off while Agnes' secrets are revealed. Raffi deciphers a Romulan drawing which leads her to the truth about the conclave of eight. On the Borg Artifact cube, Narissa aims to get rid of the Borg and directs her guards to capture Elnor, who gets help from a new friend.

We also got another handful of Star Trek Easter eggs and references in this episode, calling back to The Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager.

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