Image via Riot GamesGet ready, League of Legends fans. The thunder is about to rumble for all to hear because the newly-reworked Volibear will be visiting the Howling Abyss for a short time.Riot showed off a new teaser trailer for a short ARAM event based around reworked Volibear. For the event, Volibear briefly appears in the middle of the Howling Abyss bridge before letting out a mighty roar and slamming the ground.This also knocks all players into the air for a few moments and serves as a teaser for the champion�s rework. Players who play ARAM during this time and witness this event will also grab an exclusive emote.Image via Riot GamesRiot began to work on the ursine�s new look and abilities last year after the League player base voted that the Thunder�s Roar and Fiddlesticks should be the two next champions to receive a rework.It took a while for Riot to get the specifics down, but the result is a Volibear that looks a lot more primal and ferocious than ever before. Riot did play around with more horror-based visual designs, but this ended up going into a free new skin that will be released when the champion hits the live servers.The event will run for about four days. If you want to get a first look at the improved Thousand-Pierced Bear, hop into an ARAM to experience the power of a true demigod of thunder. Read More
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