Yesterday some images appeared which could prove to be the new design for Sony’s PlayStation 5….. Or not. We know that the PS5 should be arriving around Fall 2020, we know this because Xbox Scarlett (code name) has already announced their launch window for their rival next-gen console, and everyone expects PS5 to launch at almost the same time.

While we have a fair idea of what kind of hardware is going to be in the next Xbox, Sony hasn’t really revealed any details thus for even though we expect them to be on a level playing field. However as mentioned above, yesterday saw some images appear online through Dutch site LetsGoDigital and whilst they may well be just a dev kit used by developers to make games for the new console, they could also be the leaked design of the new console itself. You can check the images below and decide for yourself.

It would prove to be a pretty funky and out-there design, but this is something Sony like to do so their next console looks super futuristic as opposed to Xbox’s philosophy of making the looks very simple. Some fans have pointed to the V design on the top of this as a possible indicator that this could well be the PS5 because V is as I’m sure you know the Roman numeral for five.

Ultimately there is no way to really tell, though Dev kits do tend to look a little bulky and weird if we go by previous models, so this could well fit. It could be months before Xbox or Sony lift the lid on their console designs officially, so it may be a long time before we find out. The other possibility is a hoax, which cannot be ruled out. Look back into the Ps4 and Xbox One and you will see a crazy amount of fan drawn fake designs which made the rounds claiming to be the new console design. According to source outlet though, these seem to be more legit, and appear to be from an official Sony patent, which we usually wouldn’t see in anything fabricated.

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What do you think of this design, is it the PS5 or just the dev kit, and if it is the console, do you approve of the design?

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SOURCE: LetsGoDigital

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