The Google Play Store has been given a visual refresh to improve the overall store experience, and notably for mobile devs, make it easier for users to find and access games. 

As part of the changes, which are detailed in full over on the Android developer blog, Google has introduced two distinct destinations for games and apps in the form of dedicated store tabs. 

With the addition of those new tabs (pictured below), Google claims it'll be able to "better serve users the right kind of content," while an updated store listing page layout also promises to surface "richer app information" at the top of each page along with a more prominent call-to-action button. 

A new icon system with a uniform shape has also been introduced with the aim of helping content stand out over the store UI. According to Google, the new design will ultimately make it easier for users to find key information and make a download or purchase decision, which in theory is good news for game makers. 

To help Android devs adjust to the new storefront, Google has compiled a list of best practices and guidelines that explain how to make the most out of the recent changes. Check out this blog post to find out more.

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