Scott Disick is definitely keeping up with the Kardashians.

The 36-year-old television personality and self-proclaimed “Lord” launched his career from the hit reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians and, for many years, was known as Kourtney Kardashian’s partying baby daddy. However, those days are long gone.

On top of launching his own clothing line called Talentless, Disick can now be seen starring in his very own E! reality show titled Flip It Like Disick, which gives viewers an inside look at his professional life of high-end home flipping and remodeling, and highlights his passion for real estate and property development. To keep it interesting, each episode is fueled by the fun dynamic Disick has with his team, which includes former pop singer-turned-interior designer Willa Ford; Disick’s best friend Benny Luciano; their all-star, short-tempered contractor Miki Moor; Benny’s wife and realtor Kozet Luciano and Disick’s assistant Lindsay Diamond, as they execute unique home projects for Disick’s celebrity friends and family.

We sat down with Disick and Khloé Kardashian to get the inside scoop ahead of the show’s series premiere and, according to Disick, the craziest requests he’s had came from his family.

“I just have everybody and their mother calling me asking me what they should do with their bathroom, or their kitchen, and I don’t know how to say no, especially when they’re the people I love. You know, I should be focusing on trying to find property that I can build out to make money, but I can’t help myself. If, like, my sister’s like, ‘I want you to do my floors,’” Disick said in reference to Khloé, who joked that she didn’t know she had a problem with her floors until Disick saw them. However, Khloé isn’t the only high-profile celebrity Disick is helping out.

In the series premiere episode, Disick was asked by his close friend DJ Steve Aoki to renovate one of the bedrooms in his 16,779-square-foot, four-bedroom, 11-bathroom home, known as “Aoki’s Playhouse.”

“Scott is a close friend of mine and it’s always great when you get to collaborate with friends. I am very passionate about my house [Aoki’s Playhouse] and Scott shares a similar passion for making homes beautiful so we were a perfect match for this project,” Aoki told us prior to our chat with Disick.

So, what is one thing people would not expect about Disick? According to Aoki, “He’s incredibly fearless and humble all at the same time.”

When we shared Aoki’s thoughtful words with Disick himself, both Khloé and Disick were touched. Though we did point out that “humble” is a bit surprising, especially when Disick goes by the name “Lord Disick,” and actually purchased a Lordship on the Internet in 2012.

“Yeah, the Lord is a heavy hat to fill, but that was a long time ago when I got that title,” Disick explained.

He is right. Disick has definitely calmed down since the beginning of KUWTK, and Khloé agrees. “I think that’s what’s so great about this show for him. Scott takes this really seriously, and it’s a passion of his, but it’s still a career of his as well. The thing that I’m so excited for for Scott is that he gets this opportunity to shine and it’s such a huge feat that he even has his own show, and he’s so successful and that he’s really responsible. And if he gives you a deadline, he likes to meet that deadline and that’s a reason why he’s saying he feels a lot of pressure if he were to take on a family job.” Khloé concluded by saying that Disick is “so great and responsible and professional,” which is “a new side that people are gonna see out of Scott, which might surprise them. And it shouldn’t, but I’m happy they get to see that.”

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