How much does the fuel cost in other parts of the world

This Saturday fuels in Argentina rose again by around 5%, so today the liter of super naphtha around 30 pesos depending on the brand chosen ($ 1.15). According to the report published this week by the consultancy World Petrol Costs, Argentina still has a reasonable price of fuel compared to Brazil, Uruguay or Chile, and the price becomes more accessible when compared to European prices.

"Going for a ride" in the car these days, it becomes more and more an option to think "twice". And with the new increase of 5% in fuel, the liter of super naphtha around 30 pesos in the province of Misiones, depending on the brand chosen.

Although according to sources residing in other countries, consulted by this means, and according to the report published this week by the consultant World Petrol Costs, even with the increase Argentina has a better price compared to Brazil, Uruguay or Chile. And the price becomes even more accessible if compared to prices in Europe or the United States.

We must bear in mind that the price of fuels arises from different variables, influence the subsidies of the State, taxes, the price of a barrel of oil, if the country performs or imports oil and so on.

In our country, oil is paid in pesos, but it takes as a reference the exchange rate, which indicates that when there is a devaluation oil companies have to pay more pesos to buy oil. In naphtha, 80% is explained by the cost of crude oil that increased internationally due to the effects of US sanctions on Iran and because exporting countries have been applying a cut-off opinion for 17 months.

Prices in other countries

According to the consultancy World Petrol Costs, the average price of gasoline worldwide is 1.16 dollars per liter. There is a substantial difference in these prices between different countries. As a traditional rule, the richest countries have the highest prices, while the poorest countries and the countries that produce and export oil have significantly lower prices. One exception is the United States, an economically advanced country with low gas prices. The differences in prices between countries are due to different taxes and subsidies for gasoline. All countries have access to the same oil prices in international markets, but different taxes are imposed. As a result, fuel prices are different.

According to what was published this week by this international consultancy, in Paraguay, the liter of napta dapper costs 1.03 dollars, "they are 26.5 or 27 pesos per liter, more or less," said a health professional from Encarnación-Paraguay, consulted by Misiones Online .

In Brazil according to World Petrol Costs, the liter of the same fuel costs around 1.18 dollars, "four, 60 reals is equivalent to 1.22 dollars, that's what the fuel costs in Foz at present" indicated the directive of a station service of the neighboring Brazilian town of Foz.

While according to the same report, in Chile the liter of fuel costs 1.30 dollars and in Uruguay 1.sixty one.

It should be noted that to make the comparisons the value of the steady dollar is taken in Argentina, where according to the official exchange rate, one dollar equals 25.60 pesos.

Europe, the United States and other places

Iceland is the most expensive country to buy fuel, according to World Petrol Costs, the liter costs 2.15 dollars. The Chinese territory of Hong Kong ranks number two with 2.14 a liter. And Norway is the third most expensive country to buy fuel 2.05 dollars per liter, despite being one of the largest producers and exporters of oil in the world.

The explanation is that, instead of subsidizing fuel, the Norwegian government has created high taxes to restrict the use of private vehicles and thus encourage the use of public transport, with the aim of reducing environmental pollution.

The same logic applies in the Netherlands where the liter of fuel costs 1.97 dollars, ranking fourth in the list of countries with the most expensive fuel in the world, followed by Monaco, Greece and Denmark, all three in fifth place with the liter price of fuel to 1.ninety two dollars. Israel ranks 10th with 1.86 a liter, and also applies very high fuel taxes.

Sources consulted by Online Missions in Austria assured that in that country the nafta super costs 1.29 Euros, which is equivalent to 1.5 dollars and 38.5 pesos.

In Germany the liter of fuel costs 1.forty three Euros, which equals $ 1.67 and forty two.seventy five pesos. "Here in Germany there is a strong awareness of the care of the environment, and it is known that fossil fuels are the main pollutants and cause the greenhouse effect, so it encourages the use of public transport, bicycles and more and more vehicles are seen very modern electrical systems, "said a construction professional who lives in Frankfurt.

In Spain, the liter of super naphtha is worth 1.32 Euros, which would be 1.fifty four dollars and 39.5 pesos. "Prices vary according to the brand, 1.32 Euros costs in the Shell of Valencia- Spain but there are stations with higher values ??also" indicated a young Argentine doctor who lives there about 10 years ago.

In the United States, the measure is not per liter but per gallon, which is 3 3 / four liters and the super naphtha costs 3.Fifty 9 dollars a gallon (91.ninety pesos the gallon). "Of course, prices vary, it depends on the area you're in, but they're pennies apart. In Miami these prices are handled and it is very possible that the price will rise soon, because they are talking about that, "said a transport entrepreneur, originally from Argentina, who has lived in Miami for 20 years.

Report by Paola Padilla from Eldorado

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