3D printers came to change the way designers deploy their solutions. Moving a design to a tangible and manipulable model is an enriching proposal that is already being applied in different markets and that plans to increase its potential with the creation of new models and printing on other types of materials.

With many benefits, the use of a 3D printer usually also has some setbacks . The first is the high cost of equipment. Although they have gone down in price in recent years, for some pockets it can be an expensive product. You also have to know how to design in 3D in a program like SolidWorks or 3D Studio.

An interesting alternative for those who want to start in the realization of designs, are the 3D design pencils , which use the same cloth and are more accessible.

3D in a short time

The newspaper La Nación de Argentina had the opportunity to try the pencil.

It takes five minutes or less to start the Miniature Bot. When opening the small box you will have to remove the pencil, its cable and its two rolls of thermoplastic cloth included to start with the productions. The included filament is polylactic acid (PLA), but acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which is more resistant, can also be used.

To start using the stylus , connect the cable , which has a USB connector on the other end. Go to a power source (the cell phone charger or a PC).

After plugging in the pen, a red light will light up indicating that the small extruder located on the tip is heated. When the light turns green, it is ready for use.

To start, you have to enter the filament from the back and hold down the drag button that will slide the cloth until it reaches the other end. When it starts to come out at the tip, we can stop pressing the button.

To design it is necessary to adjust the temperature according to the thermoplastic cloth used. It can be selected with a few buttons: PCL (polycaprolactone), PLA or ABS. The chosen option will be displayed on a led screen.

Next, we can graduate the speed (and therefore the flow of cloth) with which the plastic will come out by the pencil.

Then, just by pressing the advance button, the cloth will begin to come out at the end and begin with the modeling of the piece. It must be said that some practice is needed in order for the experience to result in something acceptable.

In the tests, we discarded the first four designs until we could correctly grade the speed and output of the plastic.

After that, we were able to make a beautiful flower with its stem, and also some puppets.

It is important to note that, given the slow drying of the cloth , did design up without a good unsuitable would result in the precipitation of the work. With the Miniature Pen it is easy to design on a flat surface, but to scale works upwards you will have to have a good unsuitable, and practice a lot.

A negative: the cable can be short and requires to be stuck to the power source. A good concept would be the addition of an internal battery to add mobility and autonomy to the proposal.

It has a price of US $ 1,999.

The Nation - Argentina

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