Pakistani actors Veena Malik and Hamza Ali Abbasi have been working together on a very big reality show, Pakistan Star. The host of the show is Veena Malik, who is a notable name in the entertainment industry and has starred in Indian and Pakistani films. She has also been a contestant on Bigg Boss in 2010. Hamza Ali Abbasi, a Pakistani theatre, film and television actor is one of the judges on the show.

We hear that not at all is good between the duo. Given the huge popularity of the show, many fans also would now be familiar with the rising cold war between the host, Veena Malik and one of the judges on the show, Hamza Ali Abbasi. Despite shooting for 50 episodes as host and judges of the reality show together, both the actors have not even clicked once together.

It seems that there is a constant cold war between the two. The actors don’t seem to be on talking terms as both have separate green rooms and are trying to avoid interaction with each other. The equation rather seems to be a rather uncomfortable one given the extra care.

Further, things do not seem to be alright for Hamza Ali Abbasi for supporting Iqra-Yasir’s haram kissing at Lux Style Awards of 2019. Veena Malik among others tweeted against the opinions of Hamza. In another news, Hamza Ali Abbasi was called out to be an undercover ISI agent by Indian news anchor Arnab Goswami, which is already creating circles across the industry.

Given the recent developments, Hamza Ali Abbasi seems to be having insecurity towards Veena Malik and this growing insecurity seems to be bigger than what meets the eye.

We hope the differences are soon settled between the two stars and they come to talking terms. All we wish is that their crazy fans do not have to wait for long to see them together in one frame.

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