After watching Alabama and Clemson play one another for the national title in three of the past four seasons, it’s clear which two coaches rule college football. But at how many programs would those two coaches be capable of winning national titles?

Dear Andy,

With what lower-rated team could you place the five best coaches in college football and they still win a national championship? Example: Could Nick Saban win a national championship at an Arizona State or even a Rutgers?

Forrest S.

I love this question. It’s similar to the question I always ask the James Franklin haters: How many other coaches could win nine games two years in a row at Vanderbilt? This is always met with a litany of excuses, but the bottom line is if it were that easy, someone else in the 116-year history of football at that school would have done it.

What Forrest proposes is moving Nick Saban or Dabo Swinney to a historically mediocre or recently downtrodden...

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