JAIPUR: Draft of the national Sports Code prepared by the Sports Ministry is almost ready, but the Indian Olympic Association and Indian federations, to which it will initially apply, are not quite happy with it. Sources within the IOA told TOI that if it is not diluted, it could have serious adverse affects on Indian sport. “We are sure the draft will be sent to all sports federations for their views before it is passed,” an IOA official said. “Some of the points are fine, but there are some areas which need to be looked at.”

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Although most federations have agreed to the 70-year age capping for office-bearers, there are strong reservations against the inclusion of all officials in the 12-year limit for holding any post.

“These rules should be limited to the president, secretary and treasurer,” the official said. “There is a consensus among us that other positions like joint-secretary, vice-president and executive committee members should be kept out of it. It would be very difficult for a federation to run properly if so many new faces have to be introduced at short intervals.”

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That, he said, would also affect India’s standing in the international arena. “It takes us anywhere between 10 and 20 years to build rapport with officials of other countries. With time, they start trusting us and we are able to get positions of importance in the international bodies. If we have to keep sending new faces, the rapport will never be built and Indians would not get noteworthy positions,” he added.

Another point they are against is barring bureaucrats and politicians from holding posts in federations. “These are the people who get us the money,” he continued. “The government would give us Rs 20 lakh for a tournament whose budget is Rs 2 crore. Where do we get the rest of the money from?”

Proposal: 12-year limit for all officials; Objection: The limit should only be applicable on president, secretary, treasurer. Proposal: politicians, bureaucrats should be kept out Objection: If that happens, who brings the funds? Proposal: Government appointed CEO. Objection: This CEO should not interfere in selection and other procedures.

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