As some cursory layers of feminism are seeping in the soil of society, we see people talking about chumming, PMSing, cramping and some other by-products of menstruation. Yet, it's quite synthetic. Still, people are missing out on the messy logistics of periods. Flowing blood from vaginas is sloppy and untidy and the possibility of staining clothes, very high. And yet, are we open to seeing period stains on clothes of menstruating women? Can we ever get to reaching out to them and telling them not to hide it as half the population of the globe goes through it? Period stains are taboo, and like Ashley Judd says, nasty. But are they as nasty as the social menophobia? Well, we are glad that we have women readers who are willing to answer that. Amrita Vaishnav, 26, shares with us an experience of staining her pair of denim at work and how she (still) sailed through the day.

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