EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. — A prominent builder for celebrities' properties used to be identified by authorities Sunday as being one of 4 of us on board a little aircraft that crashed off the wing of Lengthy Island, killing two and leaving two lacking.

East Hampton City Police identified the of us as 70-year-ancient builder Bernard Krupinski, 70-year-ancient Bonnie Krupinski, 22-year-ancient William Maerov and forty seven-year-ancient Jon Dollard.

The Federal Aviation Administration talked about the Piper PA31 aircraft that the 4 of us had been in went down about Three p.m. Saturday. The wreck scene used to be about a mile and a 1/2 (2.4 kilometers) south of East Hampton. Saturday's climate included extreme thunderstorms in the house.

Two bodies had been recovered, and the Float Guard on Sunday resumed the glance the masses of two of us sooner than suspending it. It used to be no longer directly particular which of the 4 passengers had been recovered.

The National Transportation Security Board will investigate the explanation for the wreck.

Japanese Lengthy Island is identified for its big name presence, with many prosperous and prominent other people spending time there, namely in the summertime months.

Minute planes and helicopters are in style, as a reach to steer clear of the bumper-to-bumper internet site internet site visitors on the Lengthy Island Miniature-access toll road.

Bernard Krupinski grew up in East Hampton sooner than starting his enterprise, Ben Krupinski Builders, there. As a builder, his prospects included Martha Stewart and Billy Joel.

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