Travel planning: I do a lot of research before any trip on quirky stuff to do, places to eat, and experience the local culture. But I fix the plan only up to a certain point, the rest is all unplanned.
Foodie moment as a traveller:I design my travels mostly around food. While we were in Italy, it was our endeavour to try out all the gelato flavours. We stayed at a local vineyard in Tuscany with a Roman family to taste home-style cooking and wine traditions. In Naples, we traced the oldest pizzerias and gave them our own ratings.

Travel light or pack in everything: I’m always in trouble with excess baggage because I buy stuff for the house, kitchen things, baby clothes, artefacts, apart from the usual personal shopping. I also go to local pharmacies and pet hyper stores!

Travel style: I dislike looking like a tourist for sure. When in Europe or in the West, I dress up for dinner. At beaches, I dress boho. But it’s very important to be relaxed so my most comfortable leather jacket and sneakers lead the way. I also take 100 scarves to dress up.

Travel lesson: To leave a place before you have sucked it dry. Always leave that one thing which makes you want to come back.

Scariest travel moment: When I was dining at a kerbside restaurant in Paris and a guy snatched my backpack. It had my passport, cards and cash. Thankfully, I had the strap rolled around my foot.

Must-pack items: Air pod, black evening dress, cross body bag and scarves. I always keep a saree for that one dinner I want to dress up for.

One packing tip: Roll your clothes and pack them. They take less space and crush less.

Favourite travelogue: Kylie Kwong’s You Can Cook. I love travel shows that are wrapped around food.

Weekend getaway: My family home in Uttarakhand.

Favourite travel companion: My husband Kabir, friend Maria Goretti or my daughter Sairah.

Travel goals: French Polynesia, Bora Bora. I want to go to Japan and learn how to carve fish, and South America.

Next stop: Scuba diving in Maldives. Can’t wait!


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