After his stay in Barcelona, ??and waiting for the replacement of Lanzini, the national delegation arrives in Moscow focused on the Cup

Gone was the strong part of the preparation, not only in the physical and football, but also emotionally.

Already without margin of error and with the head put specifically in the debut against Iceland of next Saturday, the Argentine selection leaves Spain to undertake the trip that will deposit them definitively in Russian lands.

Once the luxurious plane hired by AFA lands in Moscow, the entire delegation will go directly to the bunker that Argentina has in Bronnitsy, fifty five kilometers from the capital. There will remain until Saturday sixteen, at which time they will start the ecumenical appointment, when they must move to the stadium of Spartak, to face the Nordic for the first date of Group D.


The complex is located 35 minutes from Zhukovsky Airport, and just 10 minutes from the city center. The AFA intervened to refurbish it and put it in the necessary conditions to receive its World Cup stars.

Once the National Team got its ticket to Russia, the authorities of the Argentine Football Association moved with great haste and managed to get the 23 chosen by Sampaoli to stay at a venue in the city of Bronnitsy, which is fifty five kilometers of Moscow, place of the grand finale.

The complex, called Bronnitsy Practicing Center, is a place of high sports performance that until a few months ago did not "worthy" technology to receive a selected team of the likes of Argentina, according to AFA. For this reason, the regulator of national football decided to invest several million dollars, with some collaboration from FIFA, to repair it.

Although the swings and the untidiness complicated the election of the bunker, the final result surprised the journalists present in the European country. With a total plot with the face of the players and the national colors, the Bronnitsy center exhibits a great change compared to what technology.

With the contribution of AFA, the center became a five-star place to house, among others, the best player in the world.

On the first floor there is a comfort zone, with games ranging from a ping pong table, a tennis court, a basketball court, a dart board, a boxing package and a bow and arrow shooting track.

On the second level there are a total of 18 rooms. As a striking fact, the coaching staff, with Sampaoli at the head will be located on the third floor, along with the president of the AFA, Claudio "Chiqui" Tapia, and the rest of the directors.

Both the comfort zone and the four courts that have the place for training, the rooms of the players and the imposing gym made with new devices and latest technology for players, are decorated to the smallest detail: photos of the protagonists, encouraging phrases, fragments of the anthem and a theme of the gladiator style.

Faced with the threats that the Russian government received from different terrorist organizations in the run up to the World Cup, the security level of the complex is extremely high. There is a kind of triple control, with a scanner, and an exhaustive review of each belonging when trying to approach the place where the Argentine players will be.

Being an odd number called, the only one who will sleep alone will be Banega, the rest of them will sleep in pairs formed as follows: Acuña and Salvio; Tagliafico and Meza; Caballero y Armani; Guzmán and Fazio; Dybala and Higuain; Messi and Agüero; Mascherano and Biglia, Otamendi and Rojo; Mercado and Lanzini's replacement; Di María and Lo Celso, colleagues at PSG.


The Bronnitsy Practicing Center complex was remodeled for the convenience of the national delegation. It has a table tennis court, tennis court, basketball court and even a bow and arrow court.

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