Alotenango, Guatemala.- Between the weeping and the anger, relatives buried yesterday in the pantheon of this municipality María Magdalena Zelada Soto and Maritza Ramos , both seventy two years old, killed last Sunday when they were reached by the pyroclastic subject cloth that threw the Volcano of Fire when erupting.

Hugo Frank Dávila Ramos, 18, says that neither Maritza, his mother, nor the rest of the inhabitants of the San Miguel Los Lotes hamlet, which was almost destroyed, knew what to do during the eruption because no authority indicated the protocols of evacuation, despite living on the slopes of the volcano. "My mother ran like crazy from one place to another, like the rest of the people, I wanted to stop her, but I could not, ran into the alley," says Frank. She was caught between the pyroclastic flow released by the volcano.

"We managed to leave the mountain," the young man adds to his mother's coffin, which is held in the Alotenango park. Frank cube that since he has memory use, the volcano used to rumble and throw lava, but in lesser quantity.

Hilaria López Hernández , fifty eight years old, agrees. "The volcano made noise, threw its little area, so we never worry," he says. But last Sunday was different.

"We did not expect all the subject cloth that was going to throw," says Frank . With courage he points out that the authorities of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) never warned that they should evacuate the area and when they did it was late, because the pyroclastic subject cloth descended quickly to the community: "It brought fire with stones and it was sounding down the alley. "

Elver Vitelio Morales, 35 years old, son of María Magdalena, believes that if La Conred had warned in advance, many people from the Las Lajas community - also on the slopes of the volcano - would be alive today. The authorities told him that his mother managed to leave his house, but that his body was found near the road.

"The authorities never explained what to do in case of a possible eruption of the Volcano of Fire. No drills, no evacuation routes. They never alerted anything, "he says. His father and three nephews are still buried under the hot ashes and other materials thrown by the volcano.

Villagers of El Porvenir, Las Lajas and San Miguel Los Cuartos, belonging to this municipality of Alotenango, agree that the authorities never informed them how to act in case of contingency for the volcano.

María del Rosario García Don Diego, 25 years old, mother of three children under seven and five years old, and a 50-day-old baby, who had more than Thirteen years of living in El Porvenir and during that time no authority He explained what to do in case of an emergency. Nor, he adds, "there is a sign of nothing, or emergency exits." On Sunday morning, he says, "you could hear rumblings, like at nine or 10; We left because the authorities told us there was danger, but it was like 12 o'clock in the day ". Today, she and her family are in a temporary shelter.

With sadness, he explains that in San Miguel Los Lotes , 12 of his relatives were buried among the ashes and pyroclastic subject cloth. Her cousin Gloria, 21, emphasizes: "We did not do that simulation for the volcano. No one told us how to get out. "

Hilaria and her daughter Blanca Nieves Reyes, 36, demand that authorities never warn them of emergency alerts. "Traffic lights? They never told us if there was green, orange or red alert; then, we would know what kind of risk we were in to decide what to do ", cube Blanca, from the San Miguel Los Lotes neighborhood. "If the authorities had issued an alert on time, the community would have been saved." Now, half of the villagers are dead. Hilaria's mother, Silveria, seventy five years old, is reported missing.

"Most of the people are hurt with the Conrad, because they did not warn of the danger in time, they left us alone, without knowing what to do," Blanca says.

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