While the Government continues with its tactic of isolating Moyano from the CGT in the negotiations to stop a favorite strike, the Security Minister, Patricia Bullrich , went out to double the bet before the warning of the boss of Truckers that if the joint ones did not prosper on Thursday 14 would conduct a national strike: " We will not allow Argentina to be blocked ."

In the same tone, the minister described as "extortive" the demonstration of the transporters and the intention to make a truckers' strike in the Brazilian style , a measure that provoked in the neighboring country shortages and economic paralysis. "This opinion of wanting to do something to the Brazilian is extorsive and can not be allowed," he said.

Bullrich reminded Moyano that the Labor Minister, Jorge Triaca, dictated the obligatory conciliation in the negotiation of Truck drivers and that, in case of calling a strike, it would violate the law. The official, also, marked the court by stating that they will prevent a blockage of routes: "We are not going to allow in any way that Argentina is blocked, we are going to do all we have to do to prevent these things from happening. We hope that they do not do it, that they are rational, " La Red said .

On the blockades in several accesses of the City made yesterday by autoconvocados truckers, the official confirmed that the Government sent cranes to remove the trucks that hindered the passage. "We managed to get all those who were going to stay unemployed to start circulating," he said.

He also added that "the same thing happened in the act that they wanted to do in the middle of the highway and we did not leave it". The opinion, he stressed, is "that society feels that there is a government that is to order and allow rights to live together".

In an act to the side of the route in Ezeiza, the boss of Truckers yesterday sent an ultimatum to the Government announcing that it will call a national strike on Thursday 14, if the employers of the sector do not sign a salary increase of 27%. " They are not going to scare me, if they want to put me in a cana, come and take me," he said.

Bars that do not go to Russia

In another order and with the start of the World Cup very close, the minister recalled that " there are three thousand bars that are on the list of exclusion from the Russian stadiums ." The agreement with the Eurasian country is that they do not enter the stadiums since they have a record of violent behavior. "We believe that by having prohibited to enter the matches here, they must have it in the world cup," he said.

Each one of the people that appear in the list appear in different official bulletins. "We are not going to give it to everyone publicly because we do not want to have any type of judicial measure, but any journalist who wants to reconstruct the Official Bulletin finds it there", concluded.

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