At the end of 2017, the first cimbronazo between Pampita Ardohain and Pico Mónaco was felt. The couple was separated a few months and then reconciled coinciding on the birthday of the model celebrated in the Riviera Maya.

Now, five months from that moment, the rumors of disaster return to be present. One of the indications was the absence of Pico on the red carpet of the Martín Fierro awards. "He did not want to come. First there were few places and then when they told him to come, he had already made the notion that he did not and said 'I'm staying at home,' "the model explained in a note with Los Angeles de la Mañana.

Prior to this, the model had attended the annual dinner of Foundation Guest in solitude, and although they were together in the presentation of the children's clothing collection of the model, many echoed the gesture of absolute seriousness of the former tennis player .

"Although they will deny it, they are in a couple's disaster and there is a distancing. They have taken a while, they have taken a break, "said Carlos Monti in Pamela in the afternoon sowing more doubts than certainties.

Despite these sayings, Pampita put the chest to the bullets and said: "I am still a girlfriend, nothing has happened, but I am used to (the rumors.) We are also here every day in the program, we see the whole world ", He said in Los Angeles of the morning.

"Always something they have to say, if it is not the commitment it is that we are separated. Nothing happened, "the brunette finished.

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