While the coaches focus on finding the best team for the start of the World Cup, injuries get in the way to generate concern. As well as Argentina had to regret the losses of goalkeeper Sergio Romero and midfielder Manuel Lanzini , in France the focus of attention was taken by the great Paris Saint Germain figure, Kylian Mbappé .

The striker suffered a blow to the left ankle from his teammate Adil Rami and, although at first he tried to continue with football practice, finally decided to leave the job to go with the doctors to the dressing room. Of course the questions were present at that precise moment and even the coach, Didier Deschamps , took the head when he observed that the player was lying on the field showing signs of pain.

The great figure of Paris Saint Germain, had to leave the practice.

With so much concern expressed by the French fans, Adil Rami tried to reduce the anguish after the practice, posting a message on his social network Instagram : "Everything is going well for Kylian Mbappé . "

For more peace of mind, Mbappé himself was present on the web with a statement that said: "I'm fine, it's just a blow that does not matter, but thanks for your messages, my friend Rami is not bad" , he closed saying to leave well He stopped his partner, who was punished hard for the action he had against the great jewel of the French team.

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