# Mundial2018: Argentine and Uruguayan fans joined to laugh at the Chilean national team

The selection of Chile is the least loved in America, according to a report from the BBC. Therefore, since he was left out of the World Cup, the other countries scoff that they will watch the tournament on television. Now that anger achieved something not too customary: unite the Argentine and Uruguayan fans.

A well-organized group from Rio de Janeiro joined in Russia to celebrate being part of the World Cup and, of course, the Chileans were the ones targeted in this joint joy.

"And you see, and you see, it's for Chile that watches it on TV," they sang in a video that was released in the last hours. And they also sang: "Dance the swollen dance, dance from the heart. We are Argentineans, we are Uruguayan, but not Chilean. "

But spending on Chile is not only seen in Russia, but social networks are the perfect ecosystem for the proliferation of those charged. One of the jokes that most viralized in the last hours is from an unknown author and is presented as a supposed work announcement. There they ask for a waiter, preferably Chilean. The auction, of course, is to not be distracted by the World Cup.

Source: Clarín

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