FEDERAL CAPITAL ( ANDigital ) The former president of Banco Nación, Carlos Melconian , was once again critical of the Mauricio Macri government's economic program and said that the dollar should be quoted at forty one pesos.

Days ago, during a conference in the Rotary Membership, Melconian left a series of phrases that ignited the controversy.

Without any discussion, the most resonant was that linked to the currency, after the exchange rate disaster and the recent devaluation.

"Néstor Kirchner received a dollar to three, 70, which, brought to today, should be forty one pesos", analyzed the ex-nationalist.

In outlining a daunting macroeconomic scenario, he said that "we have a fiscal tragedy."

"If you ask me how this is fixed, I have no concept. In many years, except that a devaluation and its subsequent inflation liquefy, as happened three or four times in Argentine history, "he commented to an audience that listened intently.

And he concluded: "When I speak in this tone it seems that I am punishing my own government, but I am doing nothing but telling the truth." ( ANDigital )

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