Piñeiro: "Tomorrow a correct or clandestine abortion is voted"


Just one day before the session, the writer Claudia Piñeiro referred to the deputies, the numbers from Salta and said that "nobody wants abortion, we just want women to stop dying."

The debate over the decriminalization of abortion has mobilized personalities from all areas. One of them is the writer, Claudia Piñeiro, who also exhibited in the Congress to prefer the voluntary interruption of pregnancy.

What is at stake, "it is not abortion or not abortion, it is correct or clandestine abortion," said the writer and added: "the woman who decides that she is going to have an abortion is going to abort the same and the deputies who are against this law they did not contribute any thought of how to prevent a woman from doing a clandestine abortion. "

Then, he stressed that the axis for this June Thirteen is the intervention of the State, "whether or not it will assist that woman," he said.

Piñeiro emphasized the province, and called on local legislators to think if they want Salta to continue leading the rating of the provinces where more women die because of clandestine abortions. "Do you really want that? Or we will take them to a public place where they attend as appropriate. No one wants abortion, nobody is going to use it as a contraceptive method. The deputies are being asked for public health, "he said.

In this case, the author mentioned the methods with which women seek to interrupt a pregnancy, since time immemorial, such as knitting needles, branches of parsley, "historical methods with which women have made tremendous, bloody abortions, in the ones that life can go to them. "

Finally, the writer said that before the debate over the legalization of abortion, "we did not know who to hold responsible for these deaths," from tomorrow Piñeiro said that "the deputies will be responsible for these women do not die anymore."

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