Cris Morena surprised Eugenia la China Suarez with an ad that thrilled the young ex-protagonist of "Almost Angels", the strip of fiction that allowed her to jump to fame and achieve the successful career as an actress that she has today.

The production company teamed up with Benjamín Vicuña's partner, who has just returned to the country, since he settled for more than a month in Spain, due to the Chilean's new challenge to be part of Vis a Vis, the well-known Netflix series.

Cris made an important proposal in which the girl wanted to participate, and in a video that she shared on her official Instagram account, she showed the reaction of the protagonist of El Hilo Rojo, who shouted for joy.

On September 5, Romina Yan would turn 44 and her parents, Cris Morena and Gustavo Yankelevich, are preparing "Vive Ro", a tribute to the benefit of a foundation that will include artists such as Facundo Arana, La Sole, Sandra Mihanovich, Topa, Axel, Diego Torres and Gerónimo Rauch, among many others. Of course, La China Suarez also accepted to be part of this great event.

"Drinking tea with La China @sangrejaponesa and telling her how the wonder #ViveRo will be , and her participation in this one special day 5/9/18 , the birthday of RO.This listing @? For you !!!", she wrote Cris in the publication.

For his part, Euge also announced it from his account, and thanked the producer for thinking about it. "Happy to be part of this concert / speak / tribute you told me about so long ago, ViveRO, thank you @bycrismorena, " he said.

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