It is for consumption from July to October and may be paid from November, when demand decreases. The alternative is voluntary

Proposal after the tariff rate as a measure to face the bulky invoices of the coldest months of the year with a little more margin, which tend to be the ones with the highest demand, the option of deferring the payment of a percentage of the invoices of gasoline corresponding to the winter period.

Yesterday the national government launched the possibility of financing in three installments 25% of gasoline consumption billed from July 1 to October 31 next, through a resolution published in the Official Gazette.

The Enargas resolution provides that users of the gasoline service through networks of the nine distributors may request financing in three bimonthly and consecutive installments.

The provision includes users of Camuzzi Fuel, so that users of the Region will have the option to decide if they prefer to pay the total amount of the invoice or defer a part and cancel it in the last months of the year.

At the time, Camuzzi had explained to EL DIA that the modality proposes "the financing of 25% of the total invoices for Periods 3, Four and 5 of the current year". The deferred total amount will then be incorporated into the invoices according to the following scheme: 20% of the deferred total would be paid with Period 6 of 2018; Forty% with the invoice for Period 1 of 2019 and the remaining Forty% would be included in the consumption of Period 2 of 2019.

It should be clarified that the provision involves invoices issued between July 1 and October 31 for all categories of residential customers and the so-called P1 and P2, which cover small and medium enterprises.

The option of three installments will have a monthly rate of 1.5% on 25% of the bills (see separate).

It was clarified that the users will have a term to opt for the financing of consumption until the first due date of their invoice, and they must communicate it through the channels and modality that each distributor must inform.

In the invoices that will reach households and SMEs from October, users will be able to identify the charge for the months financed in detail in a specific item of their ticket.

The application will be as follows: you can finance 25 percent of the amount of each period. "The financing and interest will be paid from invoices issued from November 1. Will be paid, consecutively, for three months or six months, depending on the billing method of each distributor "explained.

In all cases, as stated, adhesion will be voluntary. Each user may choose to join before receiving the invoice or after knowing it, but always must do so before the first expiration. If a user adheres to the idea of ??quotas in the first bill of the winter the decision will imply that it also gives the green light to the financing of the following periods.

While those who do not adhere to the first installment can then join the financing.

The Government had already arranged an identical financing scheme last year prior to the distribution of invoices for the winter months, automatically for all users, which allowed to distribute the billing peaks during the summer season.

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