SINGAPORE — The president of the United States pulled out an iPad and confirmed the chief of North Korea a slick, Hollywood-model trailer presenting the North’s seemingly future.

There possess been pictures of fighter jets and missile launchings slit reduction alongside with shots of dancing youngsters, photos of artisanal pizza and time-lapse sunrises over skyscrapers.

This was no regular summit meeting.

Nonetheless, no person in actuality understanding the historical come across between President Trump and North Korea’s chief, Kim Jong-un, was going to be proper any come across.

The meeting between these two figures — one a aged actuality tv star and the opposite a dictator who has tortured and imprisoned thousands of electorate, and ordered executions, alongside side of his contain uncle and half brother — was anticipated to incorporate numerous theatrics.

And it did.

The video got right here complete with an ominous negate-over and a swelling soundtrack as it described Mr. Kim’s preference with out bringing up nuclear weapons or sanctions reduction: He may per chance presumably “shake the hand of peace and journey prosperity admire he has never viewed,” or stride reduction into “more isolation.”

Before the meeting, Mr. Kim posed for a selfie with Singapore’s international minister, as if he were a fraternity brother blowing off his senior thesis for a evening on the metropolis.

At some level of the meeting, Mr. Trump let Mr. Kim inspect contained within the Cadillac presidential limo identified as the Beast, and for a second it seemed as if Mr. Kim may per chance presumably climb interior.

And prior to the signing ceremony, a North Korean legitimate sporting latex gloves perceived to successfully-organized and peep a pen intended for Mr. Kim. No White Dwelling aide completed a an identical service for Mr. Trump.

Despite the incontrovertible truth that the declaration that emerged from the meeting did no longer substantively draw efforts to denuclearize North Korea, the symbolism of the meeting was big.

For Mr. Kim, it was North Korea’s de facto legitimization on the global stage, a masterly propaganda coup for his isolated recount.

For Mr. Trump, it was a possibility to claim his design in history, as the first sitting American president to meet a North Korean chief.

Even supposing the two countries prevail in no longer possess formal diplomatic family, the full pageantry pointed to a meeting between come equals — from the row of American and North Korean flags that stood late the leaders as they first met, to their joint entrance into the room the establish they signed a declaration.

The optics of Mr. Trump shaking Mr. Kim’s hand, smiling and describing a “very particular bond” between them, was in involving difference to Mr. Trump’s appearance at a bruising Group of 7 meeting in Canada proper days earlier, the establish Mr. Trump lashed out at The usa’s closest allies.

Mr. Kim’s meeting with Mr. Trump, on the resort island of Sentosa off the southern tip of Singapore, also had a decidedly diversified flavor than Mr. Kim’s first meeting in April with President Moon Jae-in of South Korea at Panmunjom, the border between the two Koreas.

That intently watched come across, which in many ways problem the stage for the Singapore meeting, was expertly choreographed, with numerous pictures of unity and lighthearted banter between the leaders.

The stagecraft of Mr. Trump’s come across with Mr. Kim did no longer appear to be as refined. But there were numerous riveting scenes, alongside side several clearly spontaneous moments that heightened the drama.

Appropriate after Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim took a brief stroll following lunch got right here Mr. Kim’s likelihood to try the Beast. Mr. Kim’s aides stopped him from getting interior.

And because the pair retreated to a breezeway encircling the Capella Singapore resort, they huddled with advisers, alongside side John R. Bolton, Mr. Trump’s national security adviser, and Kim Yo-jong, Mr. Kim’s sister.

For several minutes the community seemed at a loss for phrases about the establish they were alleged to stride next, with Mr. Bolton displaying namely agitated over Mr. Trump’s shoulder.

The summit meeting’s drama had begun the evening prior to, when Mr. Kim emerged from his resort after a day of seclusion and went on a sightseeing tour in Singapore.

On the manner as much as possess the Singapore skyline from the roof of the Marina Bay Sands, a resort owned by Mr. Trump’s supporter Sheldon G. Adelson, Mr. Kim waved jovially at bystanders. Then he took the selfie with Singapore’s international minister, Vivian Balakrishnan.

It was yet yet any other trace that the 34-twelve months-worn Mr. Kim is persevering with to mount a appeal offensive, making an attempt to showcase a softer aspect.

On the morning of the summit meeting, the day began, predictably ample, with a storm of tweets from Mr. Trump, who lashed out at “haters & losers” and declared, “We will have the option to be comely!” Appropriate over 20 minutes prior to he was to meet Mr. Kim, presumably after he was already on Sentosa, he broke the friendly news that his high economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, had suffered a heart attack.

Mr. Trump’s motorcade passed by barricaded roads and crossed the flower-lined bridge onto Sentosa about 15 minutes prior to Mr. Kim.

But Mr. Kim entered the resort first. Despite the incontrovertible truth that he's revered as a come deity at home, he's silent lower than half Mr. Trump’s age, and in Korean culture, admire comes with age. The particular particular person that enters a establish closing shall be the one with the elevated problem.

For his or her first handshake, the two walked in the direction of every other from two facets of a colonnaded breezeway, meeting on a crimson carpet in front of the lineup of six flags from every nation.

Appropriate as he had in his meeting with Mr. Moon in Panmunjom, Mr. Kim wore an austere unlit Mao-model stride well with. Mr. Trump wore a unlit stride well with and crimson tie, with an American flag pin on his left lapel.

The physique language of the leaders suggested that Mr. Trump had assumed the unbiased of elder statesman.

His hand shot out first to shake Mr. Kim’s hand — even though he perceived to guide clear of the make of heavy pumping streak he has displayed with other world leaders — and he patted Mr. Kim, who seemed apprehensive, on the arm.

A complete lot of times all the plot in which by the 5-hour meeting, Mr. Trump build apart an avuncular hand on the runt of Mr. Kim’s reduction, even though as the pair left the signing ceremony, it was Mr. Kim whose hand reached for Mr. Trump’s reduction.

After they moved to a room to possess pictures taken prior to their one-on-one meeting proper with interpreters, Mr. Kim greeted Mr. Trump in English. “Tremendous to meet you, Mr. President,” he said, and after yet any other handshake, Mr. Trump gave him a brief thumbs up.

A immediate diversion from the wall-to-wall level of interest on the meeting got right here when Dennis Rodman seemed on CNN for an interview in which he urged Mr. Trump to be “in actuality emotional” with Mr. Kim.

When the leaders joined an expanded meeting that included advisers on all facets, these staring at in South Korea and the United States were vastly stunned to peep Mr. Bolton on the table, on condition that his remarks comparing North Korea to Libya had brought about the North to threaten to assassinate the meeting closing month.

Lacking on Mr. Kim’s aspect was his sister, Ms. Kim, who had sat with him when he met with Mr. Moon.

Mr. Trump’s one obvious effort at humor fell awkwardly. As he and Mr. Kim entered the eating room for a lunch that included pork immediate rib confit, sweet and sour crispy pork and oiseon, Korean stuffed cucumber, Mr. Trump gestured to the cameramen within the room.

“Getting a glowing image, all people?” he said. “So we possess effective and comely and skinny? Succesful.”

It was very no longer going to snatch whether the clenched possess on Mr. Kim’s face was his response to the quip.

Quickly prior to the signing ceremony, the faces of two visibly disturbed North Korean minders loomed on tv displays as they perceived to ward off on the cameramen who were lined up on the help of the room.

With cameras flashing, the two leaders marched into the room aspect by aspect by double doorways.

After the signing and brief remarks from every leaders, the two hurried reduction to the crimson carpet the establish their meeting had begun. This time, Mr. Trump’s handshake seemed more packed with life. Mr. Kim glanced over his shoulder as if sharp to stride away.

He walked off to his ready aides, and Mr. Trump was left on my own on the stage.

Su-hyun Lee contributed reporting from Seoul, South Korea.

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