Among the thousands of Argentines who encouraged the National Team on Saturday in Russia, one caught the attention. Although he tried to go unnoticed wearing glasses, his three tattoos on his left arm gave him away : Gustavo Arribas , director of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), ignored President Mauricio Macri , traveled to Moscow and witnessed the tie between Argentina and Iceland in the Otkrytie Arena.

In May, when the foreign exchange disaster exploded, the President let it be known that "no official" would go to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. However, in the National Team's debut, Arribas was accompanied by his friend Daniel Awada , brother of first lady Juliana. Awada and brother-in-law of Macri. communicated with the environment of the spymaster, but a friend preferred to remain silent. From the Casa Rosada, on the other hand, they rejected that the President had made that request and clarified that this was up to each member of the Cabinet.

Macri, when he visited Russia in January, told Russia's President Vladimir Putin that he would be in the World Cup: "I hope to come this year three times, I will be with my daughter Antonia in the first two games". And he was even enthusiastic: "The third visit I hope it will be for the closing" .

Finally, two days after announcing the start of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a loan of US $ 50,000 million, the President canceled his trip to Russia and asked for "signs of austerity" from his Cabinet. Arribas, an intimate friend of his from Boca's time, did not listen to him.

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