Hope you didn't contain any plans for Saturday night! Beyoncé and Jay-Z appropriate dropped their surprise joint album Everything Is Love on Tidal. The album has nine unique-disaster tracks and a few severely loaded lyrics...

There might be rapping, romance, household, forgiveness, a Blue Ivy Carter cameo and—effectively, there's plenty. To support you form sense of Everything Is Love, we contain broken it down display screen-by-display screen.

1. "Summer"

Take into accout this display screen the chilled out, outdated-fashioned version of "Loopy in Love." Bey sings, "Let's form respect within the summertime, yeah / On the sands, seaside sands, form plans / To be in every other's hands, yeah / I wanna drown within the depth of you / When the water's so blue, so blue, so blue." Jay keeps the vibe mellow with his tender insertion of a "Let it breathe, let it breathe" into the chorus.

The catchiest lyric, definitely, is Mrs. Carter's, "Up and down motion, reach swim in my ocean, yeah yeah."

"Summer" is rarely always appropriate about romance, even though. Jay-Z goes support to his contain childhood—then brings it to his kids'—when he raps, "I take into accout nights within the projects / Bullet rounds interrupting my Chi / When the worst recount that can perchance perchance well happen / Zipped-up his jacket and ran support down the avenue / In Bel-Air most efficient the nights earn chilly, I wrapped a yellow jacket around me / It is now not misplaced on me, tune has my kids sound asleep."

2. "APES--T"

It turns out Jay-Z's now not potentially the most efficient rapper on this household. In the Carters' first joint album single, Beyoncé provides her man a escape for his money on the mic.

In her first verse, she raps, "RAH, gimme my test / Keep aside some respect on my test / Or pay me in equity, pay me in equity / Or seek me reverse out the dick (Skrrt) / He obtained a injurious bitch, injurious bitch / We live it lavish, lavish / I obtained pricey materials / I obtained pricey habits / He wanna scurry alongside with me / He protect to roll away / He wanna be with me / He wanna give me that weight reduction program D / Ice embellishes, chilly model tournaments / You ain't ownin' this / Form now not divulge they ownin' this / Equipped him a jet / Shutdown, get / Phillippe Patek /Get off my dick."

Jay sets the file straight on a rumored halftime performance test, rapping, "I mentioned no to the Big Bowl / You will need me, I develop now not want you / Every night we within the live-zone / Converse the NFL we in stadiums, too."

He also raps about his Four:44 album's closing Grammys snub. As Jay places it, "Converse the Grammys f--k that 0 for eight s--t."

The chorus makes it clear, even though, that Jay and Bey set aside now not want trophies or stats to exhibit their success. "I can now not divulge we made it (Right here's what we made, made)," she sings. "Right here's what we're grateful for (Right here's what we thank, thank) I can now not divulge we made it (This a varied perspective) / Fill you ever ever considered the gang goin' apesh--t?"

3. "Boss"

Beyoncé is rarely always bossy—she's the boss. On this display screen, she is rarely always terrified about her success, either.

"Ain't nothing to it, staunch one / Ain't nothing to it, boss," she sings. "Ain't nothing to it, staunch one / Ain't nothing to it, I boss / Ooh, staunch one, I'm a boss."

"My big, big, grandchildren already prosperous," she sings, "That's comparatively about a brown kids to your Forbes list." (Stress-free truth: Beyoncé has topped Forbes' list of the most practical-paid ladies in tune a pair of cases—at the side of this past year.)

Jay taps on his success, too, rapping, "Hundred million crib, three million seek, all facts / No cap, spurious n---a you now not a boss, you obtained a boss."

Later within the verse, he raps, "It is traumatic what I inferior (What I inferior) / Peep says you now not even end (No longer even end) / Every person's bosses, to the time that pay for the mumble of commercial / To them invoices, separate the boys from the boys / Over here we measure success by how many other folks a success next to you / Right here we are saying you broke if each person gets broke moreover for you / Boss!"

The absolute most practical segment of "Boss" is obtainable within the final few seconds when Blue Ivy, 6, hops on the display screen to "shoutout" (actually) to her 1-year-recurring twin brother and sister. "Shoutout to Rumi and Sir," she says sweetly, "Love, Blue."

Four. "Tremendous" (feat. Pharrell Williams)

Beyoncé and Pharrell's "I can attain anything else, yeah / Hell nah, hell nah, hell nah, hell nah" obtained't be potentially the most efficient segment of this tune that gets caught to your head...

Jay follows the chorus up by rapping, "And I'm high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality / Up all night, night, night, night, night, night, night / Running from the lights, lights, lights, lights, lights, lights, lights / Coated in ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice."

It is now not appropriate about the catchy lyrics, even though: "Tremendous" takes on Beyoncé, Jay-Z and even Tidal's critics in a suave, we-couldn't-care-less form of map.

"Patiently expecting my loss of life / Reason my success can now not be quantified," sings Beyoncé. "If I gave two f--ks, two f--ks about streaming numbers / Would contain place aside Lemonade up on Spotify."

She also provides her firstborn daughter a shoutout, singing, "I ain't never considered a ceiling in my entire life / That's note to Blue / Freestyling live, blueprint from my Jigga who never bribes / I'm so n-i-i-ice / I'm each person kind, god rattling appropriate, I'm so high-quality, Jesus Christ / I'm better than the hype, I give you life."

5. "713"

Beyoncé pays homage to her Texas roots in "713" (Houston's home code) as she sings, "Representing for my hustlers the entire sector over (easy) / Unexcited dippin' in my low-lows, woman! (easy) / I place aside it down for the 713 / And we easy obtained respect for the streets (ow!)"

Jay raps, "Cash, hit deposit / 24-carat faucets / Louis V and Goyard trunks all within the closet / Ain't s--t commerce, the streets is easy watching / And my microscopic toddler Blue is love 'Who gone live us, huh?'"

He raps an outro for "713" that goes: "To the entire appropriate ladies that respect hustlers / To the moms that place aside up with us / To the entire babies that suffered design of us / We most efficient know respect on myth of ya / The USA is a motherf--ka to us / Lock us up, shoot us / Shoot our self love down, we don't deserve appropriate respect / Unlit queen, you rescued us, rescued us / Rescued us."

6. "Pals"

For these who were hoping to affix up with the Carter crew, sorry: No novel chums is easy a recount. In fact, Bey even sings, "I develop now not know what I would attain with out all of my crew, yeah / I ain't making no room, yeah / I ain't making no novel chums / I develop now not form no strikes, yea, with out telling my crew, yeah / That appropriate how we attain, yeah, that appropriate how we attain / Rattling it, I respect my life."

Jay-Z professes his loyalty to Beyoncé and Roc Nation co-founder Ty Ty Smith, rapping, "I ain't going to no one for nothing when me and my essential other beefing / I develop now not care if the home on fire, I'm loss of life, n---a, I ain't leaving / Ty Ty take care of my kids, after he performed grieving / If y'all don't keep in mind that, we ain't intended to be chums."

7. "Heard About Us"

No secret respect kids for Jay-Z! In "Heard About Us," the daddy of three kids (with Beyoncé, obviously) raps, "Billie Jean in his prime, for the thousand time, the microscopic one ain't mine / Online they name me Dad, kiddingly / You're now not supposed to take this Dad recount actually / That's too infamous, we don't even definitely attain infamous."

Of route, reputation does contain some advantages. As Jay raps, "S--t has its perks too ain't it / Shooting videos within the Louvre, ain't it / It will seemingly be a ways worse for you, can now not it / Effort comes with penthouse views, ain't it / Bitch know me, I been me since the cocaine / Bitch know B, she don't even want a entire name (It is Beyoncé, n---a)."

eight. "Unlit Surrender"

Jay-Z raps that he's "appropriate on any MLK Boulevard," and Beyoncé has his support. The Carters take care of racial profiling and police brutality with references to Malcolm X, Trayvon Martin and a chorus that goes, "Get your hands up high love a spurious arrest / Let me observe em up high, here is now not a test / Let me observe em, here is now not a test / Now hands where I can observe them."

9. "Love Jubilant"

Everything in Love's final display screen is the gigantic finale we contain been expecting! Beyoncé and Jay-Z both take care of the dishonest scandal she dropped at the skin with Lemonade and he alluded to on Four:44.

"Yeah, you f--ked up the principle time, we had to earn remarried," she sings, adding after a rebuttal from Jay, "We keepin' it staunch with these other folks, appropriate? Lucky I ain't ruin you when I met that b—" (We recall that Becky.)

Nonetheless the chorus looks to easiest sum up the scorching mumble of Mr. and Mrs. Carter's romance. As Beyoncé sings, "You did some issues to me, boy you attain some issues to me / Nonetheless respect is deeper than your disaster and I divulge you might perchance commerce / Toddler, the u.s.and downs are price it, long technique to circulate, but we'll work it / We're incorrect but we're easy enough for every other / Now and then I believed we would never observe the light / Went by hell with heaven on our side / This seaside ain't constantly been no paradise  Nonetheless nightmares most efficient final one night (Jubilant in respect)."

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