The Disney/Pixar sequel is "stuffed with a total bunch strobe/flashing lights," one moviegoer warned on Twitter.

Moviegoers seeing Incredibles 2 will now be warned relating to the flashing lights conventional in the film and their maybe triggering enact.

After a blogger and Twitter user, Veronica Lewis, posted a warning relating to the strobe/flashing lights conventional in Disney and Pixar's inviting sequel, film theaters will be warning ticketholders about lights results that would possibly maybe well unbiased impression those which would possibly very smartly be photosensitive, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

"Actually apt one of those scenes lasts over ninety seconds with continuous strobe gentle, various scenes final wherever from 5-30 seconds," wrote Lewis in a series of tweets aimed to warn somebody with epilepsy, migraines or power illness who planned to ascertain the film.

Lewis' spoiler-free thread received momentum on Saturday, indirectly catching Disney's consideration. The inviting sequel is in the midst of flying to a legend-shattering $A hundred seventy five million-plus home commence.

See her warning below.

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