Officers from the Brooklyn Park Police Division saved the day after 9-year-mature Minnesota boy Gracen had his lemonade stand funds stolen.

Final Thursday, Gracen was as soon as making essentially the a lot of the hot climate by surroundings up a lemonade stand in his Brooklyn Park, Minn., neighborhood.

“Lemonade on the tremendous. Mostly in the morning,” Gracen hand wrote on a designate with an arrow directing doable customers to his desk on the sidewalk.


That day the stand had been seriously standard, earning the younger boy $20. On the other hand, his fortune was as soon as short-lived.

In response to KTIS, Tag, Gracen’s dad, said two junior excessive formative years took $20 from Gracen’s cup.

“Two junior excessive formative years on bikes drove by his stand and stole $20 out of his cup. Gracen called me up and requested me if he might perchance well well also unbiased easy call the police, and I said that he presumably shouldn’t bother them, but I did pray for him over the phone the usage of the verse from Proverbs 6:31 that claims no matter the thief steals, he has to pay reduction sevenfold.”

Tag told KTIS he saved bearing in mind his son’s quandary and called Gracen reduction to relate him to call the police.

“Later I called him reduction and told him to head ahead and make contact with the police that in the occasion that they weren’t busy maybe they'd succor him out. When I purchased dwelling there were two Brooklyn Park police cars on the road in front of his lemonade stand and the good lady officer told him she was as soon as going to interchange his $20, and he or she said, ‘but I desire Dad to withhold on to it,’ so she gave it to me to withhold for him. After that, a 1/Three police car confirmed up, and that officer requested for four cups of lemonade and gave him $5. By the tip of the day, he had $50 ensuing from the officers,” Tag said.


The next day, Tag said one other officer stopped by his son’s stand.

“My wife and I had been of course blessed. Essentially day after right this moment one other officer stopped by for lemonade, and he or she was as soon as in the market with tears in her eyes thanking him. She couldn’t mediate that people would originate this for a kid.  I had tears in my eyes too, that it was as soon as so precious that something so minute might perchance well well mean so distinguished,” Tag said to KTIS.

Gracen plans to thank the officers by bringing cookies and a thank you level to to the department.

Alexandra Deabler is a Standard of living creator and editor for Fox Info.

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